World leaders in renewable energy, original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, generation companies, investors and users will discuss the technologies that are shaping the future.

Thursday, 24 October

Welcome Dinner (Pamplona Cathedral)

Casual dress code

Wednesday, 25 October

8:30 Registration and welcome coffee

9:30 Welcome and institutional opening

  • Ana Goyen, President at ENERCLUSTER

  • Sara Aagesen, secretaria de Estado de Energía

  • María Chivite, President of the Autonomous Community of Navarra

  • Cristina Ibarrola, Mayor of Pamplona

9:30 Plenary 1 · CEO Roundtable: Challenges in the development of renewables in 2023

  • Rafael Mateo, CEO – Acciona Energía

  • José Castellanos, CEO – Enerfín

  • David Sola, Manager – Ríos Renovables

  • Moderator: Ricardo Cortés, UNEF

10:15 Plenary 2 · CEO Panel: Is transition possible without a profitable supply chain?

  • Víctor M. Equisoain, CEO International Division – Nordex  Acciona

  • Adolfo Rebollo, CEO – Ingeteam

  • Moderator: Juan Diego Díaz, President – AEE

11:00 Networking coffee

11:45 Keynote speech

  • Michael Liebreich, CEO – Liebreich Associates

12:45 Plenary 3 · Innovation and technology round table

  • Thierry Marin-Martinod, CTO – Array Technic

  • Marc Rechter, CEO – MCPV

  • Teresa Arlabán, director Intellectual Property and Processes – Nordex Acciona

  • David Carrascosa, COO – Saitec Offshore

  • Moderator: Javier Sanz, Thematic Leader Renewable Energies – Innoenergy

13:45 Networking lunch



T1.A · The challenges of the supply chain

  • Jaime Urcola, CEO – Sakana

  • Joris Peeters, Head of Digitalization – ZF Wind Power

  • Pello Irujo, CEO at Laulagun

  • Moderator: Brian Gaylord, Woodmac


T1.B ·  Are renewables losing the communication battle?

  • Isabel Blanco, Head of Impact Energy – EBRD

  • Ramón Roca, director – El Periódico de la Energía

  • Erica Morales, Head of project sustainability – Statkraft

  • Sergio Fernández Munguía, Windletter author

  • Moderator: Kiko Maza, Enercluster


T1.C · Facts and myths of green hydrogen

  • Javier Ramírez, EFuels Hydrogen Director – Acciona & Nordex Green hydrogen

  • Alan Ripa, Chief Executive Officer – Acciona Plug

  • Mónica Aguado, Director of the Department of Grid Integration, Energy Storage and Hydrogen – CENER

  • Harkaitz Ibaiondo, Hydrogen director – Ingeteam

  • Moderator: Pablo Sanchis, UPNA professor



T2.A · Strategy to maximise the price of renewable energy

  • Juan Peña Herrero, Chief Development Officer – Enhol

  • Silvia Encinas,  Special Projects & Regulations – EDP

  • Juan de Miguel Fernández, Energy management resp. – Enerfín

  • Modera: Edurne Zoco Executive Director, Clean Energy Technology – S&P Global 


T2.B · Circular economy in renewables: the icing on the cake

  • Javier Villanueva, CEO – Renercycle

  • Jon Asín, CEO – BeePlanet

  • Rebeca Arnedo, Co-Founder & CBDO – Sustainn

  • Iván Botamino, Head of Ground Engineering and Materials Department – Technical Directorate – FCC Ámbito

  • Moderator:  Ana Ursúa,  General Manager AIN


T2.C · Storage: the key piece of the 100% renewable puzzle

  • Javier Revuelta, Senior Principal – Afry

  • Jérôme Bersano, Product Director ESS – Northvolt

  • María Santa María, Green Hydrogen & Storage Product Manager – Baywa r.e.

  • Eduardo Ryan,  Delegate in Navarra and i-DE Navarra Area Manager – Iberdrola

  • Álvaro Simal, Head of Business Development Spain – Repsol

  • Moderator: Luis Marquina, president – AEPIBAL

16:45 Networking coffee

17:15  Keynote speech: Energy transition as a key to industrial competitiveness

  • Joan Groizard, Managing director – IDAE

17:40  Keynote speech: International trends in renewable, storage and hydrogen sector investments

  • Isabel Blanco, Head of Impact Energy – EBRD

18:00 Institutional closing

  • Mikel Irujo, Regional minister of economic and Business Development of Navarra

Challenges for the European renewable industry in a global context

  • Is it possible to compete with Asian manufacturers?
  • Are the EU’s 2030 targets realistic?
  • The long search for lost profitability

New national and European legislation

  • Understanding the European legislative puzzle
  • The future of auctioning
  • Solutions to the permitting impasse
  • Protectionist policies or free markets?

Technological trends

  • Green hydrogen: myths and realities
  • Digitalisation and AI
  • Large centralised vs. distributed modular

Renewables and society

  • Renewables yes, but how?
  • Is the reality of the energy transition well communicated to society?
  • How can society be more involved in renewable projects: self-consumption, energy communities, financing, etc.?
  • Circular economy: the icing on the cake for the renewables industry


Wind power

Solar energy


Green hydrogen