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World leaders in renewable energy, original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, generation companies, investors and users will discuss the technologies that are shaping the future.

Wednesday, 25 October
8:30 Registration and welcome coffee
9:00 Welcome and institutional opening
9:30 Plenary 1 – CEO Roundtable: Challenges in the development of renewables in 2023

  • Acciona Energía
  • José Castellanos, CEO at Enerfin
  • Ríos Renovables
10:15 Plenary 2 – CEO Panel: Is transition possible without a profitable supply chain?

  • Nordex
  • Adolfo Rebollo, CEO at Ingeteam
  • Moderator: Juan Diego Díaz, president at AEE
11:00 Coffee networking
11:45 Keynote speech

  • TBD
12:45 Plenary 3 – Innovation and technology round table:

  • TBD
13:45 Networking lunch
T1.A – The challenges of the supply chain

  • Jaime Urcola, CEO at Sakana 
  • Pello Irujo, CEO at Laulagun
  • Tbd
  • Tbd
  • Moderator: Iker Chasco 
T1.B – Are renewables losing the communication battle?

  • Isabel Blanco, Head of Impact Energy at EBRD 
  • Sergio Fernández Munguía, wind energy communicator  
  • Moderator: Kiko Maza 
T1.C – Realities and myths of green hydrogen

  • Nordex
  • Acciona Plug
  • Ingeteam
T2.A · Optimising O&M 

  • EDP
T2.B · Circular Economy in renewables: the icing on the cake

  • Javier Villanueva, CEO at Renercycle 
  • Jon Asín, CEO at BeePlanet 
  • Carlos León, CEO at Sustainn 
T2.C · Storage: the key piece of the 100% renewables puzzle

  • TBD, Ingeteam
  • TBD, REE
  • TBD
16:45 Networking coffee
17:15 Keynote speech

  • TBD
17:45 Institutional closing
20:15 Networking dinner

Challenges for the European renewable industry in a global context

  • Is it possible to compete with Asian manufacturers?
  • Are the EU’s 2030 targets realistic?
  • The long search for lost profitability

New national and European legislation

  • Understanding the European legislative puzzle
  • The future of auctioning
  • Solutions to the permitting impasse
  • Protectionist policies or free markets?

Technological trends

  • Green hydrogen: myths and realities
  • Digitalisation and AI
  • Large centralised vs. distributed modular

Renewables and society

  • Renewables yes, but how?
  • Is the reality of the energy transition well communicated to society?
  • How can society be more involved in renewable projects: self-consumption, energy communities, financing, etc.?
  • Circular economy: the icing on the cake for the renewables industry


Wind power

Solar energy


Green hydrogen