Liebreich will be Keynote speaker as already advanced in the presentation on June 27th by the director of the congress, Kiko Maza. The Energy Transition Industry Congress will include two keynote speeches in its programme. Although the second name has yet to be revealed, the first keynote speaker will be the founder of Bloomberg NEF and an expert in the energy transition economy.

Michael Liebreich is a recognised expert in clean energy, mobility, technology, climate, sustainability and finance. He is Chairman and CEO of Liebreich Associates and co-managing partner of EcoPragma Capital. He is a member of the UK Board of Trade, an Honorary Fellow of the Energy Institute and a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London. He has been an advisor to the UN on “Sustainable Energy for All” and, in addition to founding BNEF, a board member of Transport for London.

This is his extensive background in topics on clean energy and energy transition, which is why he could not miss his presence at this third edition of the congress held in the Navarrese capital. Called “Keynote Speaker”, his presentation will start at 11.45 am on 25 October.